Every person has a voice.  It is how we use our voice that counts.  That means realizing how important you are and taking opportunities to make a difference.  Young people often undervalue themselves and their community.  Every obstacle we overcome, every problem we face, creates either strength or frustration.  You either learn or burn.  Our message is that “you are more valuable than you think you are.”  This attitude affects our high rates of drop out, drug use, obesity and driving crashes.  Only a renewed commitment to health and personal maturity can reverse the course. 

  1. Each person has a unique voice.  People are developing personality, uniqueness as
    they grow.  We all want to be important and valuable…and we want our voice to count for something.  We want people to listen to us and respond to what we have to say. 
    This drive for importance shapes many of our decisions.  But, we can’t have people respect what we say if our words don’t have integrity and our lives don’t have honor
  2. The inner voice we develop in life is our guide.    Developing heart and dignity 
    gives us a positive foundation for facing up to most circumstances.  How much we care often determines our choices.  Our health and safety decisions matter.  Walking around like we don’t care gets us into an apathy or complacence where we don’t think that going one way or another makes that much of a difference.  In that, we would be wrong!   
  3. Not every voice we listen to is worthy of being followed.  Not every choice is
    equal.  Some people don’t have good wisdom or maturity yet and their words need
    to be questioned, not followed.  Following a sense of right and wrong is critical.
    These days, what we eat or drink, how we drive and who we choose for friends may
    determine many negative circumstances in life. 
  4. We need to raise our voice and change our society.  We cannot let other voices dominate the discussion when our voice is needed.  If you care about improving things, you must speak up.  Teen driving crashes are still the leading killers of young people.  Obesity, racial tension and poverty still need dramatic change.  If you combine passion with purpose, you can get involved and make a difference. 

Voices need to be found and used.  All of us have the opportunity to discover the best to be and use that to create positive change. A strong sense of personal responsibility can guide our voice.  Each of us can “walk the walk and talk the talk.” We can save lives by urging  people to make better choices.  Not enough people are providing good leadership, not enough are speaking up.  We can change the world by lifting our VOICES. 



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