Every person writes their own story in life.  And most of our life is still unwritten.  That means that the opportunities for a great story still exist.  Every obstacle we overcome, every problem we solve, creates the possibilities for a new chapter.  This is the optimism that we can have entering every day if we take charge of our lives and become determined in our choices.  These days, many young people seem too casual in their choices, too easily influenced by dangerous impulses or shaky social mores.  That has led to high rates of
drop out, drug use, obesity and driving crashes.  Only a renewed commitment to health and personal development can reverse the course. 

  • The future is unlimited as long as we keep it unlimited.    If we become determined to live with a positive outlook, we can face up to most circumstances in life.  Our attitude often determines our altitude.  Making excuses, or accepting excuses, for why things don’t go well for our lives eventually allows us to stay mediocre as people.  Answers do exist and it’s important to maintain a dream, a vision that motivates the best in you every day. 

  • We are limited by every choice that misleads us.  Not every choice is equal. There is a sense, when you’re young, that all roads are somewhat equal and that all circumstances will work out.  That may not be true optimism, just unrealistic or immature judgment.  Choices matter…what we eat or drink, how we drive and who we have for friends may determine so many negative circumstances in life. 
  • Pain has a way of teaching us a better way.  We are creatures of pleasure, not creatures of pain.  If things become painful, we turn away from them.  That can help us improve our choices, but pain will not be enough.  We will have to find the attraction in better ways or directions for our lives.  We will have to see the benefits, not just the pleasure to be gained in changing direction, and embrace them. 

  • Our lives are limited by the people we choose to be around.  The most important skill to develop is choosing good people and learning how to deal with them.  Most people are not bad, just not always brilliant.  They make suggestions or give us examples to follow that are misleading.  These days, distracted drivers, unmotivated workers and poor leaders in society are creating some bad examples to follow.  We need new inspiration.  And, often, we need to identify better advice. 

Stories need to be written.  They just don’t write themselves.  All of us have the choice to completely re-write where we go in this life. A strong sense of personal responsibility can save us when the whim of the moment begins to guide our choices.  The old saying is “If you always do what you always did, you will always get what you always have got.” We can save lives by making better choices.  The pages in our lives are still unwritten. 


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