How can the average kid be a “champion” or a “star” these days? In a time of hero-worship, there are so many kids who get overlooked or under-recognized. But, if we would tribute character more than performance, many young people would really shine! Every child needs to love themselves, value who they really are, and work with the gifts they have. Too often, we compare one child against another, at way too early an age, and begin to categorize the winners and losers. Not everyone grows, or improves, at the same speed. Not every kid moves in the same direction. What we need these days is championing every kid, bringing out the best in every kid…letting every young person know that, when they live and love in the right way, they can be a star!

The future is unlimited on WHAT YOU CAN DO. Too many people look at what they know now, how good their skills are now. But the potential in every person to grow in knowledge, creativity, and discipline is phenomenal. If we take on the challenges of today and dig a little deeper, we can be amazing!

Determination will carry you through even your darkest days. Nothing is free or “guaranteed” in life. We will run into problems, disappointments and failures. Everyone makes mistakes…those come because we are learning. We need determination, that never-say-die spirit, to be our best. We can improve in our school, health and family relationships.

Our world needs more champions of character. We often define victory in terms winning some kind of contest, or who has the best looks or grades. It is a positive, caring person that ultimately is the most valuable in society. A person who expresses joy, kindness and consideration is important! Those people are champions & stars!

It’s best to have a wide picture of WHO YOU CAN LOVE. Many young people are taught to limit their friendships and associations. They’re taught to “dislike” or “distrust” and that leads to a fractured society. We are not better than others when we fail to see their value. Bullying, racial tension, and a lack of respect on campus can be reduced or eliminated with an active campaign for kindness and acceptance.

Every person discovers love when giving to others. Once we start taking action, we need to join with our families and community to take on the big problems. Joining with others, we can literally change the world. In our schools and towns, we are part of a larger family. Reaching beyond ourselves, doing good things for others, is a great way to live.

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