Funding Ideas 

While far less expensive than most top-rated motivational speakers, MMA programs do have travel expenses to cover.  We recognize the costs you are facing and have created many partners for you to approach in gaining funding.  Over $400,000 in local, state or national sponsorships or grants are being given this year to fund MMA events. 

Local Corporations  

From water companies, to network television affiliates, to supermarket chains, banks, or school fundraising companies, there are a variety of companies participating in funding local assembly events.  Schools are using MMA events to promote school/corporate “adoptions,” technology advancements in education and general public marketing campaigns.   

State/National funding   (U.S. only)

Many states are now combining various agency budgets to help schools fund MMA Programs.  Governor’s offices. DOE, DOJ and DOT offices are gaining grant funds to co-sponsor or sponsor the complete costs.  Our assemblies are the official drug-prevention or traffic-safety events for several state governments and local foundations.  Call us for a list of those in your state. 

Funding options:


    Your local Nestle Waters bottler

Your local Coke or Pepsi bottler


Herff Jones

School Fundraising Companies

AAA Automobile Club


Local MADD or SADD Chapter

Police Dept. / DARE or G.R.E.A.T. Program

Local Fast Food Restaurant

Local Television / Radio Station


MMA will assist you in promoting local sponsors!  Provide us a PowerPoint slide with the local sponsor’s logo and we’ll project it onto our 43-foot-wide screen. Give us a call and let us help you make your event possible - (800) 248-6040.